On behalf on Inta Juice Greeley, we’d like to wish you a very happy new year. We had a great time being Greeley’s juice bar in 2016 and look forward to serving you all in 2017. We’ll have all of our regular smoothie shop favorites waiting for you when you stop by, and there will certainly be surprises that show up as well!

So, it’s a new year, and you know what that means. It means that people are making New Year’s resolutions. If you’re like most American’s, you’ve probably made at least one. Let’s take a look at some of the most common New Year’s resolutions and how Inta Juice can play into those.

Eat Healthier

We’ve written quite a few blogs about how easy it is to eat healthy at our fresh juice bar. After all, there’s a lot of fresh fruit that go into our smoothies and juices. We have over 50 smoothies to choose from using dozens of ingredients, including the basics like apples, bananas, and cherries, but also some of the more exotic fruits such as pitaya, acai, and guava juice. You’ll be getting vitamins and minerals from all over the globe.

Of course, there are also our veggie blends, smoothies that make excellent meal replacements. Beets, cucumbers, apples, celery, carrots, spinach, ginger, kale…you’ve never had a tastier savory smoothie!

cta-block-templateExercise More

Can Inta Juice make you exercise more? Well, not directly. But once you resolve to eat healthier, the next logical step is to exercise more. And if you’re eating healthier, that means that you’re going to have more energy, which means that you’ll be able to exercise more, which means you’ll have more energy. Plus, during the summer months, a trip to Inta Juice makes a lovely walk if you’re close enough to us here in Greeley.

Spend More Time With Family and Friends

Eating out is a popular way get together with family and friends. But instead of going out and filling up on fatty food or sugary ice cream, why not stop by our juice bar and get something a little healthier. And hey, if you walk here, you’ll be getting exercise and spending time with them all at once.

Stop Smoking

If you’ve started eating healthier and exercising more, why not give up smoking at the same time? In fact, we all know that large part of smoking is about the ritual of putting something into your mouth. How about a straw filled with yummy fruits and vegetables instead of a cigarette?

Drink Less Alcohol

Getting healthy can certainly involve drinking less. For some people that means avoiding the extra calories that alcohol brings with it. So if you say to yourself “you know what, I already filled up on those nutrient-rich calories from the veggie blends,” perhaps you can talk yourself out of a those completely empty calories from the alcohol.

Make Better Financial Decisions

Have you noticed how it’s almost impossible to go out to lunch and spend less than $13? It’s ten bucks for the meal, plus tax, plus tip. Even fast food is getting up there.

Why not come to Inta Juice and take out two birds with one stone. You’ll be paying less for something that’s considerably healthier than most restaurant food out there. Make better financial decisions by coming into Inta Juice!

Many New Year’s resolutions get broken, but once you stop by and try a few of the options from our smoothie restaurant, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree that sticking with us is a pretty easy resolution to keep! Find your favorite on our smoothie bar menu right here!