Never stray too far from our smoothie shop here in Greeley!Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope that you have someone special to spend it with, and if you are going out for Valentine’s Day it’s likely that you’ve thought about doing some of the traditional “Valentine’s Day stuff.” Here at our Inta Juice Greeley smoothie bar, we’ve got a few other ideas.

Have Inta Juice Instead of Dessert: A Valentine’s Day date usually involves going out to eat. And interesting enough, special occasion restaurants are usually some of the heaviest meals you’re going to have, with lots of fats and creams. After that, do you really need chocolate lava cake?

Instead of some more fat on top of fat, how about something a bit lighter? If you still have the need for something sweet after your meal, stop by Inta Juice Greely for something that might actually help your stomach calm down a little bit.

Give an Inta Juice Gift Certificate Instead of a Box of Chocolates: This usually works for someone who’s already trying to eat a bit healthier. So instead of giving them two pounds worth of chocolate, surprise them with something like a small four-pack of chocolates and some gift certificates to Inta Juice so that they can pick up something healthy from our fruit juice bar whenever they want.

Instead of Roses, Give Them…Naw, Give Them Roses! Or give them their favorite flower. Give them all the Inta Juice you want, but they’re still going to expect flowers!

Inta Juice makes a great addition to your Valentine’s Day plans. Whether you’re stopping by on the actual day or giving them gift certificates for later, they’ll appreciate your interest in keeping them healthy. See you soon!