It's hard to beat a peach smoothie from our juice bar menu.You know, we talk about how healthy Inta Juice is when you’re looking for a summertime snack or a healthy breakfast to start your day. And it’s true: with fresh greens (whether they’re green kale or green apples) and oranges (whether it’s carrots or…well, oranges), as well as every other color of the rainbow, the Inta Juice menu is incredibly healthy. So, is there anything unhealthy on the menu? Well, yes and no. Let’s explain.

All fruits contain sugar

Fruit is healthy. And sugar isn’t unhealthy; it actually provides the calories you need to operate. But too much sugar, even in fruit juice form, can lead to problems. Just make sure you’re getting a good balance of food from various sources to balance the amount of sugar you’ll find in many of our fruit juice shakes.

There are a few allergens

Those with allergies could certainly find the Inta Juice menu less than healthy. We use nuts, nut milks (almond and cashew), and other food items that are known allergens. While we do our best to keep these allergens away from our other food products, cross contamination does happen.

And then there’s Red Bull…inta juice menu

Okay, so Red Bull isn’t a health food, but it draws in customers of a certain sort (you know who you are!) that might not otherwise be getting fruit in their diet unless it’s put into Red Bull smoothie form. Our Intense Blueberry smoothie, for instance, has banana and blueberries in addition to  Red Bull and Pineapple Sherbet.

When you look at our full Inta Juice menu, it’s really amazing how few unhealthy options there are! If you don’t have food allergies, you could throw a dart at our menu and come up with something very healthy 98% of the time! Come in and try something new today!