Inta Juice Greeley has amazing juices in its smoothie shoe.We’re very happy to be able to offer you items from our juice bar even if you never step in our smoothie restaurant. How? With OrderUp!

OrderUp is an online/app-based delivery service. You order, they stop by and pick up your order, and then they deliver it right to your door. Now, which door is completely up to you, because not everyone is having items from our smoothie bar menu delivered directly to their house.

Gyms: It’s no surprise that many of our customers are health nuts and really enjoy getting their calories from something healthy like one of our tropical smoothies. Protein shakes and bars can taste horrible, but they love the variety and healthy fruits and veggies that are on our smoothie menu.

Offices: Many people get stuck in the office and just don’t have any healthy options for miles around. Instead of grabbing something unhealthy from the vending machine (and trust us, those muffins are unhealthy, so much so that they can barely be classified as muffins), why not have OrderUp deliver you something healthy that works as an excellent meal or snack.

Homes: Of course, people are also getting their Inta Juice delivered to their homes. Sometimes you just don’t have anything healthy to eat at home, and you know going out is just going to be way too many calories and too much fat. Why not OrderUp and be sure to get something healthy from our juice bar menu delivered right to your door.

No matter where you are (in the delivery area, of course!) you can get Inta Juice thanks to OrderUp. Give it a try, it’s awesome!