cta-3As you might guess, summer is a pretty busy time for Inta Juice here in Greeley. The days are hot and long, and people are looking for a healthy way to cool off.

Here’s a little secret that you might not know about smoothie bars: New Years is huge! Now, is it people who are stopping by to ring in the new year with a juice smoothie? Are most people hanging out at their local juice bar when the clock counts down to the new year? Actually, it’s the week after that we really see the uptick.

It’s all about New Year’s resolutions and using it as an excuse to eat (and drink) healthier. So why are so many people interested in stopping by?

Recovering from the holidays: How well did you eat during the holidays? If you’re anything like most people, it was filled with second servings of starchy, fatty food followed by thirds (or fourths) of dessert. We’re just leaving the Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas part of the year, so now it’s time to have something sweet that won’t clog your arteries.

Fills You Up: Right around this time people start signing up for gym memberships in order to get healthy. As they realize what it takes to burn off the fat, they start to reconsider how much food they’re putting into their bodies. The great thing about the smoothies at our juice bar is that they fill you up so that you’re less likely to snack on less healthy foods.

Get Your Fruits and Vegetables: Sometimes it doesn’t have to do with exercise at all. Sometimes people just realize that they need to start eating more fruits and vegetables. Meat all the time simply isn’t the way our bodies are made to function, and Inta Juice in Greeley makes it that much easier to get fresh fruits and vegetables into your system to nourish your body and keep it healthy.

No matter what time of year it is, Inta Juice is there to help you eat healthier than you ever have before. Stop by and enjoy the best juice smoothies around!