Inta Juice Greeley, the smoothie bar that can make you happy!When many people think of Inta Juice, they often think of it as a healthy snack in the late afternoon or evening, or maybe as a lunch replacement if you’re trying to get away from the traditional fast food options. All of those are great, but we also have quite a few people coming by for breakfast. You can stop by our fresh juice bar and grab a traditional smoothie, or change things up a little bit and grab our bowls like a Brazilian Bowl or Dragon Bowl.

Stopping by for breakfast is a good thing, because it certainly beats many items that people traditionally have for breakfast! How does grabbing something from our smoothie shop beat every other quick breakfast option out there? Let’s compare.


Many of us just grab something sweet for breakfast. And 90% of the time you “just grab” food, it turns out to be unhealthy: sugary granola bars with all of the natural fiber taken out, donuts that are just sugar and fat, or a cereal with the first ingredient being high fructose corn syrup. If you want something sweet for breakfast that will fill you up with healthy ingredients, take a look at our juice bar menu and you’ll get your day off to a good start.


When you want something fast for breakfast, there’s always the drive-through option at places like Taco Bell or McDonald’s which means that you’re something that processed and full of fat. Sure, you might get some protein in the sausage, but it’s certainly not a healthy way to get protein. You can just as easily order something at Inta Juice with soy milk or cow’s milk to get your protein, and at the same time you’ll get vitamins and minerals from a natural source.You’re not going to get much calcium from an Egg McMuffin!


Not everyone wants to drink his or her breakfast. Why not grab a bowl from Inta Juice? Our Brazilian Bowl has apple juice, banana, and acai that’s poured into a bowl and topped with granola andhoney. Similarly, our Dragon Bowl has almond milk, mango, pineapple, pitaya, and spinach, all of which is poured into a bowl and topped with banana. If you believe that breakfast requires a spoon, a bowl might be for you!

Inta Juice in Greeley is a great way to start your day, with the vitamins and minerals that wake you up. Stop by and grab a healthy breakfast!

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