Inja juice has amazing options at our smoothie restaurant.If you don’t have the time to get out of the office, we’ve got a great option for you.! is a delivery service so that you can have your favorite foods delivered to you wherever you are. Why can be a great way for you to keep eating healthy, even around the office?

Avoid the Office Junk: So you’re stuck in the office and getting hungry. The only food you can find are the day-old box of donuts in the kitchen and the candy bars in the vending machine. Too bad you forgot to bring your lunch today. Instead of just getting through the day on sugar alone, have something delivered that contains lots of real fruit, maybe some yogurt, or even wheatgrass juice from our juice bar…all with!

Avoid Eating Out: Going out to eat is fun, and going out to lunch with co-workers can be a good time. But doing it too often is going to start adding on the pounds, especially when someone orders an appetizer that “you just have to try.” So say no thanks to going out to eat and have bring you something from our smoothie bar menu.

Avoid Snacking Too Much: One great thing about items from our juice bar menu is that they can be enjoyed throughout the day. Order one at 10:00 and have a few sips now and again; it’s not really something you need to sit down and focus on. We’ll bet you can stretch it out so that it covers both of your breaks, whether you have lunch in between or not.

Inta Juice and have teamed up so that you can have something from our smoothie shop wherever you are. Want to order now? Here’s the link to!