We’ve been writing blogs for quite a while now, but we figured it was time to let our customers do some of the writing for us! After all, you don’t necessarily have to believe us when we say we’re the best juice bar in Greeley…our customers can handle that!

Let’s take a look at some of their points, questions, concerns, and praise and take a few minutes responding to them.

“The people working there really understand service with a smile”

— William Davis

Thanks for letting us know William. We hire based on many factors, but one of the most important is friendliness, even in the face of work pressure when there are four people waiting in line. Why is delivering service with a smile so important? Because we know that people notice. You can shop at a dozen shops during the day, but you’re really going to remember the one that gives you service from people who are genuinely happy to be working there.

“Great employees and customer service. Really nice people willing to answer any of your questions.”

— Jacob Wyman

So glad you ran into a friendly employee, Jacob. Oh wait, that’s all of them!

You know, we fully realize that not all of our customers are reading back pages of our smoothie shop blogs in order to discover what wheatgrass is or the health benefits of pitaya. So when someone comes in and asks a question, we understand that there are some aspects of our menu that not everyone is familiar with and try to explain our menu as much as possible. After all, we work with dozens of ingredients and are more than happy to talk about them. And speaking of talking about ingredients…

“Great smoothies, and great employees! They never steer me wrong on new things to try there. Good job!”

— Greg Baladez

Again, it’s true that we have a very large juice bar menu. So if you’re in the mood for something sour, we have Pucker Up Smoothies that we can guide you toward. And if you want something a bit sweeter and exotics, we have some amazing tropical smoothies that you’ll love. Peanut butter lover? We’ve got you covered!

“A haven in an otherwise desolate Greeley.”

— Colby Renfro

Oh boy, that’s a tough one to respond to! After all, there’s nothing wrong with being called a haven. We’re more than happy to be a place for people to come to and relax when they’ve had a bad day or a negative experience at a different fresh juice bar.

But desolate Greeley? Well, we certainly know that Greeley doesn’t have the most stellar reputation in Northern Colorado, but we do know that we’re happy to be part of its growth. Let’s just say that we’re very happy to be part of making Greeley a better place!

We’d like to thank everyone for writing a review for us, and hope to see you all back in our smoothie bar again soon!