1. Try The Juice Smoothies On Our Inta Juice Menu That Scare You The Most!

    We wrote last time about how healthy you can make our smoothies with kale and spinach. And it’s true, like a V8 blend that’s mostly carrot juice but that still tastes sweet, our juice smoothies taste absolutely amazing while giving you the power you need to perk up and get your day moving. So what are some of the juice smoothies that you’re sure to love but that might seem weird at first? …Read More

  2. Why Our Fruit Smoothies Aren’t The Only Healthy Option On Our Inta Juice Menu

    We talked last week about how some of the fruits in our Power Up smoothies are considered superfoods. But that’s not the only thing good for you that you’ll find on the Inta Juice menu. We keep our smoothie bar stocked with the most excellent, healthy foods around. For instance: Green Tea - Green tea rocks! It’s been known for its health benefits for many years, not the least of which is tha…Read More

  3. What’s Up With Power Up Smoothies On The Inta Juice Menu?

    One thing we’re very proud of at Inta Juice is the incredible variety of flavor combinations we offer here at our smoothie bar. While our Island Paradise smoothies speak for themselves, you might wonder how the Power Up Smoothies got their name. Power Up smoothies contain some of the most super superfoods on the planet. Here’s we’ve got the fruits that contain the most antioxidants of just a…Read More

  4. What Makes Our Tropical Smoothies One Of The Most Popular At Our Smoothie Bar?

    There’s not doubt that tropical smoothies are one of the most popular items that people order at our Inta Juice smoothie bar. But why? The sweetness - There’s something special about knowing that the sweetness you’re experiencing comes with no sugar added. Our tropical smoothies are made from real fruit and fruit juices, so any sweetness you experience is from ripened fruit and has the sweet…Read More

  5. Who’s Visiting Our Juice Bar, And When?

    When you’re open from morning ‘till night you meet a lot of people every day, and there are definitely patterns. Here’s how we specialize throughout the day, though you can order anything, anytime from our juice bar menu! Breakfast: Want to get your day started off right? Why not enjoy a smoothie that can get you going? We’ve got quite the variety of smoothies for people on the go who nee…Read More

  6. Ten Benefits of Juicing Part 2

    5.) Fast Weight Loss!!!! One to two juices per day can dramatically help detoxify your body and help in weight loss. Juicing has a reputation for fast weight loss because of the high intake of clean foods that have little to no fat or empty carbohydrates.   6.)  It Aids In Detox Because juices are alkaline, they aid in drawing out acids in the body which leads to these toxins being released …Read More

  7. Ten Benefits of Juicing Part 1

    Whether you want to lose weight, have more energy, or simply be healthier overall, juicing has many benefits concerning your health. What does juicing entail? Juicing is simply the process of extracting the nutrient rich juices from fruits and vegetables, and drinking it! The results of juicing can be truly incredible and also delicious! Here are ten benefits that will convince you give your local…Read More