As we expand Inta Juice, there’s no doubt that we’d like to spread across the country (we’re dreaming big!). We love Colorado, and apparently, a lot of other people do too, considering the rising property values! So why is it that our juice bar and Colorado go hand in hand? Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons.

Coloradans Are Active

Coloradans are certainly an active bunch, and we’re often named among the most active people in the nation. Who can blame us, right? We have plains, mountains, bodies of water, riding trails, and most of all it’s incredibly beautiful. Skiing and whitewater rafting? Yes please! When you can combine vacation-worthy sights with your exercise, it’s much more likely you will get out to exercise.

How does our fresh juice bar fit into this lifestyle? First of all, people who exercise need a healthy way of replacing the vitamins and minerals that they’ve used while exercising. We’re also less likely to spend an hour at the local buffet and instead grab something quick, but not quick like McDonald’s. No, instead we’ll grab something quick and tasty that will replenish vitamins, minerals, and our body fluids…something from our juice bar menu, perhaps.

Of course, the interest in exercise often goes hand in hand with the fact that…

We Eat Healthier

If you visit other parts of the country, there’s a much greater chance that you’ll run into a lot more buffets. But not here; we can point you to a number of buffets that have failed in northern Colorado. (Golden Corral seems to be the only one that really sticks around, and they survive mostly on transplanted people from other parts of the country.)

We in northern Colorado simply tend to want to eat a bit healthier. If we’re exercising, why give up all the benefits we get from it by eating poorly? Around here, most of us here would rather get some empty calories from the latest micro-brew than from a buffet!

Inta Juice is just another example of a business that’s doing well because we’re offering a healthier option. You wouldn’t believe the amount of fruit and vegetables we go through in a week!

We’re Not So Humid

When you buy something cool and refreshing in many areas of the country, such as Missouri, Tennessee, or Florida, you sit in the ice cream shop and eat your treat right there in the air conditioned building. The humidity is simply horrible!

Colorado, on the other hand, is a much nicer place to grab a juice smoothie and head outside. Sure, it might be hot if you’re directly in the sun, but get under a tree and you’re suddenly perfectly comfortable again. In fact, Sanborn park is just a couple hundred yards away from Inta Juice Greeley; we’re pretty sure you can find a nice tree to relax under in the park!

We love Colorado and plan to stick around for a long time. We’re local, so show your Colorado pride and jog in, grab something healthy, and enjoy it in the shade!