The 4th of July is coming up soon, which means lots of fun stuff to do in and around Greeley once you pick up your smoothie from our juice shop. Let’s take a look at what you can do in Greeley on that day that honors the birth of our country.

2017 Greeley Stampede Independence Day Parade

Once you pick up your smoothie, why not head to the parade? For years the Greeley Stampede has held a parade with over 130 entries including bands, cars, floats, and, or course, horses. The parade starts at 9 am and runs along 10th Avenue, starting at the UNC campus at 19th Street and ending at 5th Street right around Lincoln Park. If you want to see the parade route, here you go!

Shoot Your Own Fireworks

There are many, many types of fireworks out there. Every year there are dozens more variations that show up at the local fireworks stands, with weird names and unexpected ways of shooting off sparks. In Greeley, it’s legal to shoot off any fireworks that you can purchase in Colorado. So if you bought it in Colorado, you can use it in Colorado. This includes fountains, sparklers, snakes, spinners, tanks, and snappers.

It might be tempting to head to Wyoming and pick up some fireworks, such as firecrackers, M-80s, bottle rockets, roman candles, and other types that shoot physical material into the air. Don’t do it. It’s not only illegal to shoot them off, but to bring them across the border in the first place. While we can’t speak for why Wyoming allows them, we understand the ban. We live in an arid region, which means a lot of dry grass that can catch on fire and threaten land, animals, and homes.

So instead of shooting off your own fireworks that pale in comparison to the professional shows, grab your lawn chairs, grab a smoothie from our juice bar menu, and head out to …

Enjoy Professional Fireworks

Without a doubt, Northern Colorado puts on some great fireworks show. Fort Collins shoots them over City Park, Loveland shoots their over Lake Loveland, and Greeley joins in with the Greeley Stampede fireworks at Island Grove Park. And unlike the Greeley Stampede itself, you won’t be needing ticket to see the fireworks!

It’s going to be hot on the 4th, getting up to around 92 degrees. The chances of rain are slim, which is great because it will make for better firework viewing. But it also means it’s going to stay hot all day long. So go ahead and grab a tropical smoothie from Inta Juice, cool down a little, and then head to the park for some explosions!

The Greeley Stampede offers a lot to do on both weekends on either side of the 4th of July, so it’s a good think you’ll have something to do in the middle of the week. We hope to see you in our smoothie bar on the 4th. We bet we can find you a red, white, or blue smoothie that meets your taste!