Smoothie Shop carries pumpkin smoothiesPumpkin Pop Tarts! Pumpkin cereal! Pumpkin Oreos! Pumpkin soda! Pumpkin-flavored everything! Just where did this pumpkin craze come from?

Well, a certain ubiquitous coffee shop that shall not be named (their name rhymes with Starbucks…alright, it’s Starbucks) certainly needs to take a big part of the blame. But most every other food manufacturer certainly has jumped on the bandwagon, and for about a two-month period you get a deluge of pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin!

Ever wonder why all this pumpkin stuff hits you in the face and then goes away for ten months?

The McRib Effect: McDonalds learned long ago that not everyone loves the McRib sandwich…but that some people absolutely adore it.  It doesn’t sell well throughout the year, but every time it does make it’s return they treat it like an event. You’ve probably heard the phrase “McRib is back.” That brings the die-hards in droves. It also gets people into the restaurant who have never tried it before, as well as those who forgot that they didn’t like it the last time they had it.

In other words, it’s all…

Marketing: Turn something into an event and people will anticipate it. There are even launch dates for certain pumpkin-flavored products. It gives something for coffee shops to put on their walls, an easy decision to let the season dictate their decor. But this won’t last long, because it will only be around for a…

Limited Time!: Nearly every consumer is influenced by the idea of something being available for only a limited time. This plays on our fears of “missing out.” By having something around for a limited time, people are more likely to stop by for just that product. Rush in before it’s gone!

There’s no doubt, pumpkin is a wonderful fall flavor, and we believe it’s one that you should be able to celebrate all year long. And since ours is cold, it goes just as well during the middle of summer as it does into fall and winter. So stop by our smoothie shop and try one anytime. It’s got fat-free milk, chai tea, pumpkin mix, and vanilla fat-free frozen yogurt. We’re not going to tell you when you can’t have your pumpkin smoothie!