dreamstime_3893701So in the last seven years the words “Tea Party” have taken on a political connotation in our country. But we’re certainly not going to alienate any of our customers by naming our smoothies after a political movement…we just want to celebrate tea! We have three different drinks in our Tea Party Smoothie Line. Let’s take a look at them.

Green Tea Smoothie

Here’s the most traditional green tea smoothie we have available, and an excellent option if you want to cut back on the dairy a little. While there’s still fat-free frozen yogurt to sweeten it up, we also use soy milk to get the consistency just right. Add the green tea and you’ll have a new favorite.

Raspberry Green Tea Smoothie

Green Tea and fruit always go well together, and that’s no exception with this raspberry green tea smoothie. We combine green tea with raspberry juice and apple juice, then blend it all together with fat-free frozen yogurt and milk. It a wonderful fruit blend you’ll keep coming back for!

Chai High Smoothie

Looking for something a little more exotic? Or at least used to be? Chai tea originated in inta 1India, but it has conquered the globe and is now found in nearly every coffee shop in the country. Traditional chai tea is a mix of black tea and Indian spices, but there are many derivations as the drink has evolved. Nearly all versions contain some form of sugar in order to sweeten it, and our smoothies use vanilla fat-free frozen yogurt and strawberries.

If you’re a tea lover, we’ve come up with three new ways to enjoy your daily ritual. Stop by Inta Juice in Greeley and we’ll perk you up!