Whether you want to lose weight, have more energy, or simply be healthier overall, juicing has many benefits concerning your health. What does juicing entail? Juicing is simply the process of extracting the nutrient rich juices from fruits and vegetables, and drinking it! The results of juicing can be truly incredible and also delicious! Here are ten benefits that will convince you give your local juice bar a visit!

 1.) Quick Digestion

Because of the simple fact that your body digests liquids faster than solids, when you drink the extracted juices, the vitamins, minerals and enzymes will quickly be absorbed into your bloodstream. Plus this takes less stress on your hard working digestive system which is something your body will always appreciate.



2.) The Nutrients Provided

The raw juices from fruits and vegetables contain 95% of the vitamins and nutrients that our body needs in order to live a healthy life. The amount of nutrients in one glass of juice is simply mind blowing when you think about the amount of vegetables you would have to eat to reach the same nutrient value. For example, 8 pounds of spinach or 2 pounds of carrots. Obviously, juicing is simply easier.


3.) Mental Benefits

The nutrients from juice improve blood circulation. The improvement in blood circulation leads to the improved of oxygen transportation to the brain. The health benefits make feel better all around which leads to more happiness and better thinking. Just think about much easier your day at work would be of you could be in a better mood, and think more clear!


4.) Easy for Those Who Dislike Fruits and Veggies

For those of you who do not like fruits and vegetables, juicing is a quick and simple way to get your required servings per day. Plus if you have the right recipe, you can actually put together a pretty delicious glass of juice!