fruit-juice-healthy-or-notWhen you’re open from morning ‘till night you meet a lot of people every day, and there are definitely patterns. Here’s how we specialize throughout the day, though you can order anything, anytime from our juice bar menu!

Breakfast: Want to get your day started off right? Why not enjoy a smoothie that can get you going? We’ve got quite the variety of smoothies for people on the go who need a breakfast they can eat (well, drink) with one hand. And with options like Amazon Energy, orange juice, acai, and a variety of Amazon Energies, you can get high-energy from our smoothie bars. Or try one of our bowls, covered in granola, honey, and/or banana.

Lunch: Here’s where we sell most of our veggie blends. People are looking for something savory (with a bit of sweet) and incredibly healthy that’s still going to fill them up. It’s also easy to down quickly, making it the best fast food option you can have! We see lots of people who exercise nearby on their lunch hour and then need a quick way to eat as healthy as possible.

Dinner: While many people are going to have their heavy meal around dinner, those interested in keeping fat out of their diet have excellent choices available to them by having dinner with us. The good thing is that Inta Juice menu items have enough calories to fill you up, all the while nourishing your body with lots of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to make you feel better.

Midday Snack or Evening Dessert: Let’s just admit it…our smoothies taste good,with many of them being the healthiest type of dessert you can find! After all, there’ssure to be an Island Paradise tropical smoothie for everyone on our menu!

Inta Juice Greeley is a popular destination throughout the day, and with good reason. We’ve got something for everyone, whether you’re looking for savory or sweet. Stop by and try someone from out juice bar menu today!