raw-ctaWe talked last week about how some of the fruits in our Power Up smoothies are considered superfoods. But that’s not the only thing good for you that you’ll find on the Inta Juice menu. We keep our smoothie bar stocked with the most excellent, healthy foods around. For instance:

Green Tea – Green tea rocks! It’s been known for its health benefits for many years, not the least of which is that when you’re drinking it then you’re not drinking soda! Whether you like the taste of tea of are in it for the health benefits, we’re happy to concoct a raspberry green tea or chai tea smoothie…or just a green tea smoothie straight up.

Veggies – You’ve probably heard of vegetables. They’re those things that your mom told you to eat (she was smart to say so) and that your doctor tells you you should eat (again, with quite a bit of knowledge to back them up). When you eat veggies, you’re doing what your body wants you to do: getting vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and dietary fiber. And because they can be blended with fruit juices or without, you can have a sweet or savory smoothie. The Inta Juice menu is made to please!

Kale / Spinach – Toss ‘em into any smoothie! While you at first may think that vegetables should be regulated to savory juice blends, you should remember that vegetable “shots” can really be added to any drink, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it. Remember that first time you tried the orange V8 and then realized that the first ingredient (after water) was carrot juice concentrate? Veggies can be sweet!

When you come in, don’t be shy! Point to the Inta Juice menu item that sounds best to you and we’ll make it up fresh and healthy.