Juice-Bar-and-Smoothie-Franchise-OpportunitiesFresh apples! Strawberries! Exotic fruits! And…Red Bull?!?! With all those healthy superfoods on the menu, it might seem jarring to see something like Red Bull on our smoothie menu. After all, Red Bull isn’t a health food, right?

Right. I don’t think there’s anyone out there who would suggest that Red Bull is as healthy as something like fresh fruit. But Red Bull has so much more going for it than your average high-sugar drink. So here are the reasons you’re going to find Red Bull on our smoothie menu:

It’s Our Coffee!: We’re not a coffee shop, but the easiest way to attract people who are looking for a pick-me-up is to offer something with quite a bit of caffeine. And when it comes to cold drinks, Red Bull is a tasty option for getting some caffeine in you.

It Bring Even More Variety To Our Menu: We use dozens of ingredients, but like bitter in a fine drink or salt to a savory dish, the different flavors you’ll find in our fruit smoothies contain Red Bull can really be changed with the introduction of our energy drink. Not only that, but we have Red Bull in four different flavors to change things up even more: regular, cranberry, blueberry, and lime. We’ve also got sugar-free if that’s what you’re looking for.

It’s Actually Got Some Really Good Stuff In It!: When you drink coffee in order to get the caffeine, you get…well, you get caffeine. And that’s the only energy boost you get from it. Red Bull’s have been formulated to bring even more alertness than other drinks. For instance, D-Panthenol, which sounds scary but is actually just B-5, a mood booster and fat burner. Glucuronolactone is a mild anti-depressant and stimulant.

We Can Appeal To More Customers: Okay, we’ll admit it…the Red Bull options we have on our menu can help us appeal to more customers. Every restaurant does it…McDonald’s is known for fried food but also sells a ton of salads. Organic restaurants will be mostly healthy but then offer something drenched in gravy (but it’s organic gravy!)

So we have the Red Bull options to appeal to the family of four who has a disaffected teenage boy who won’t consider anything that doesn’t have at least a little something familiar in it. And teenage boys are certainly familiar with Red Bull!

Dang It, It Just Tastes Good!: It’s well known that Americans aren’t getting enough produce in their diet. All of the options on our juice bar menu are meant as a great way to get you to get fruits and vegetables into your diet. So if a Red Bull is what it takes to get you to eat your fruits.

There you have it. Red Bull might not be a health food, but it is a fun way to get an energy boost. Try it in our power-up smoothies, including Intense Energy, Intense Tropical, and Intense Cranberry. See you soon!