It’s probably no surprise to you that we do more business during summer than in winter. After all, people tend to go for cold sweet treats like those you’ll find on our smoothie menu during the hot summer months when they want to cool down. But that’s no reason to stop stopping by. Here are some things to remember.

Our Smoothies Aren’t Frozen

winterside-page-content-imageWinter tends to be the time for desserts that aren’t as cold: warm apple pie, cobbler, and all of that room temperature candy that shows up around the holidays. But it’s also the time of apple cider and pumpkin pie that’s been in the refrigerator. Our smoothies are no colder than anything that comes out of the fridge; remember, we’re using juices and yogurts in our smoothies, not ice cream. So they’re really not as cold as most people think.

It’s A Healthier Dessert

Speaking of all of those desserts, which one of them is even remotely healthy? Not a one of them! At our Greeley juice bar you’ll be able to order up juice smoothies that are filled with fruits and vegetables, leaving behind so much of the fat that you’ll find in so many other winter desserts.

People Are Still Slimming

People are always exercising and looking for healthy meal replacements. We’re happy to say that that’s exactly what we’re offering here at our smoothie bar. And while our business might suffer a bit during October and November, you can imagine what happens on January 1!


Have a sore throat due to a cold? Is post nasal drip causing you problems? There’s nothing like drinking a soothing smoothie for your throat. (At the same time you’re drinking a bunch of vitamins and minerals that could help you fight the sickness.)

Winter is a great time to stop by our smoothie restaurant and try something new that might become a favorite. We’ll see you soon at Inta Juice!