1. Is There Anything On Our Inta Juice Menu That Isn’t Healthy?

    You know, we talk about how healthy Inta Juice is when you’re looking for a summertime snack or a healthy breakfast to start your day. And it’s true: with fresh greens (whether they’re green kale or green apples) and oranges (whether it’s carrots or...well, oranges), as well as every other color of the rainbow, the Inta Juice menu is incredibly healthy. So, is there anything unhealthy on t…Read More

  2. Try The Juice Smoothies On Our Inta Juice Menu That Scare You The Most!

    We wrote last time about how healthy you can make our smoothies with kale and spinach. And it’s true, like a V8 blend that’s mostly carrot juice but that still tastes sweet, our juice smoothies taste absolutely amazing while giving you the power you need to perk up and get your day moving. So what are some of the juice smoothies that you’re sure to love but that might seem weird at first? …Read More

  3. Why Our Fruit Smoothies Aren’t The Only Healthy Option On Our Inta Juice Menu

    We talked last week about how some of the fruits in our Power Up smoothies are considered superfoods. But that’s not the only thing good for you that you’ll find on the Inta Juice menu. We keep our smoothie bar stocked with the most excellent, healthy foods around. For instance: Green Tea - Green tea rocks! It’s been known for its health benefits for many years, not the least of which is tha…Read More

  4. What’s Up With Power Up Smoothies On The Inta Juice Menu?

    One thing we’re very proud of at Inta Juice is the incredible variety of flavor combinations we offer here at our smoothie bar. While our Island Paradise smoothies speak for themselves, you might wonder how the Power Up Smoothies got their name. Power Up smoothies contain some of the most super superfoods on the planet. Here’s we’ve got the fruits that contain the most antioxidants of just a…Read More