1. Responding To Some Recent Google Reviews About our Juice Bar

    We’ve been writing blogs for quite a while now, but we figured it was time to let our customers do some of the writing for us! After all, you don’t necessarily have to believe us when we say we’re the best juice bar in Greeley...our customers can handle that! Let’s take a look at some of their points, questions, concerns, and praise and take a few minutes responding to them. “The people …Read More

  2. 4 Reasons To Meet Your Mom At Inta Juice for Mother’s Day

    Contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day isn’t the most popular day of the year to send flowers. It’s Mother’s Day. So, just as a reminder, Mother’s Day is coming up next month. Open up your calendar app, then scroll ahead to May 14. Then backtrack about a week and type in “order flowers for Mom,” because ordering them the day-of is going to cost you a lot more! There, we just sav…Read More

  3. Happy New Year! Start The Year Off Right With Some Healthier Drinks!

    On behalf on Inta Juice Greeley, we’d like to wish you a very happy new year. We had a great time being Greeley’s juice bar in 2016 and look forward to serving you all in 2017. We’ll have all of our regular smoothie shop favorites waiting for you when you stop by, and there will certainly be surprises that show up as well! So, it’s a new year, and you know what that means. It means that pe…Read More

  4. Happy New Year! Now Get In To Our Juice Bar and Drink Something Healthy!

      As you might guess, summer is a pretty busy time for Inta Juice here in Greeley. The days are hot and long, and people are looking for a healthy way to cool off. Here’s a little secret that you might not know about smoothie bars: New Years is huge! Now, is it people who are stopping by to ring in the new year with a juice smoothie? Are most people hanging out at their local juice bar when…Read More

  5. Why The Heck Is Red Bull On Our Juice Smoothie Menu?

    Fresh apples! Strawberries! Exotic fruits! And...Red Bull?!?! With all those healthy superfoods on the menu, it might seem jarring to see something like Red Bull on our smoothie menu. After all, Red Bull isn’t a health food, right? Right. I don’t think there’s anyone out there who would suggest that Red Bull is as healthy as something like fresh fruit. But Red Bull has so much more going for…Read More

  6. What Are Those Ingredients In Our Juice Smoothies?

      You know, as connected as the world is today, it’s amazing that traditional food ingredients are still making their way to the United States. 20 years ago who’d heard of açaí? And 10 years ago kale was just a decoration covering the ice on a salad bar. As much as we love the traditional taste of strawberries and blueberries, we’re always interested in introducing Greeley to somethin…Read More

  7. 3 “Milked” Superfoods On Our Smoothie Shop’s Menu

      Here at Inta Juicy Greeley, we use some of the healthiest foods on the planet. But just sticking them in a blender and pressing "puree"  can lead to a drink that doesn't exactly flow into your cup. That's where the milks come into play. These four liquids add a wonderful, natural sweetness to our smoothie shop's offerings, and all of them a healthy option. The first three below also have n…Read More

  8. Try The Juice Smoothies On Our Inta Juice Menu That Scare You The Most!

    We wrote last time about how healthy you can make our smoothies with kale and spinach. And it’s true, like a V8 blend that’s mostly carrot juice but that still tastes sweet, our juice smoothies taste absolutely amazing while giving you the power you need to perk up and get your day moving. So what are some of the juice smoothies that you’re sure to love but that might seem weird at first? …Read More

  9. Who’s Visiting Our Juice Bar, And When?

    When you’re open from morning ‘till night you meet a lot of people every day, and there are definitely patterns. Here’s how we specialize throughout the day, though you can order anything, anytime from our juice bar menu! Breakfast: Want to get your day started off right? Why not enjoy a smoothie that can get you going? We’ve got quite the variety of smoothies for people on the go who nee…Read More

  10. Ten Benefits of Juicing Part 2

    5.) Fast Weight Loss!!!! One to two juices per day can dramatically help detoxify your body and help in weight loss. Juicing has a reputation for fast weight loss because of the high intake of clean foods that have little to no fat or empty carbohydrates.   6.)  It Aids In Detox Because juices are alkaline, they aid in drawing out acids in the body which leads to these toxins being released …Read More