1. What is Wheatgrass, and Why Is It So Healthy?

    If you’re stopping by our Inta Juice smoothie bar, there’s a really good chance that you’re coming in for something sweet. After all, many or our juice smoothies are filled with yummy and sweet fruits with hints of vegetables. You can feel good about drinking it and really enjoy it at the same time. But then there’s wheatgrass. You’re familiar with beets, kale, cucumbers, and all of the …Read More

  2. What Are The Best Fall Flavors At Our Our Juice Bar In Greeley?

    We’ve been writing about how our juice bar is affected during summer, and why people stop by here instead of visiting traditional ice cream shops. But now it’s the end of September, and fall is on its way. School has been back in session for about 6-weeks, and the idea of summer treats now gives way to fall flavors. While we keep all of these on our juice bar menu throughout the year, there ar…Read More

  3. Join Us For Breakfast and Order A Bowl!

    When many people think of Inta Juice, they often think of it as a healthy snack in the late afternoon or evening, or maybe as a lunch replacement if you’re trying to get away from the traditional fast food options. All of those are great, but we also have quite a few people coming by for breakfast. You can stop by our fresh juice bar and grab a traditional smoothie, or change things up a little …Read More

  4. You’ve Worked Hard. Don’t Let Summer Treats Ruin Your Body!

      Now that spring is here and summer isn't far behind, there’s no doubt we see an uptick in business. After all, people are looking for something cool and refreshing on a hot day, or a tasty dessert after dinner now that the days are getting longer. Sure, there are places all over town where you can get ice cream and other high-fat, low-nutrition options. But if you care about your body an…Read More

  5. Get Our Juice Smoothies Wherever You Are With OrderUp!

      We’re very happy to be able to offer you items from our juice bar even if you never step in our smoothie restaurant. How? With OrderUp! OrderUp is an online/app-based delivery service. You order, they stop by and pick up your order, and then they deliver it right to your door. Now, which door is completely up to you, because not everyone is having items from our smoothie bar menu delivered di…Read More

  6. Working Through Lunch and Can’t Stop By Our Juice Bar? Splick.it!

    If you don’t have the time to get out of the office, we’ve got a great option for you. Splick.it! Splick.it is a delivery service so that you can have your favorite foods delivered to you wherever you are. Why can Splick.it be a great way for you to keep eating healthy, even around the office? Avoid the Office Junk: So you’re stuck in the office and getting hungry. The only food you can find…Read More

  7. What Are Those Ingredients In Our Juice Smoothies?

      You know, as connected as the world is today, it’s amazing that traditional food ingredients are still making their way to the United States. 20 years ago who’d heard of açaí? And 10 years ago kale was just a decoration covering the ice on a salad bar. As much as we love the traditional taste of strawberries and blueberries, we’re always interested in introducing Greeley to somethin…Read More

  8. Why Our Fruit Smoothies Aren’t The Only Healthy Option On Our Inta Juice Menu

    We talked last week about how some of the fruits in our Power Up smoothies are considered superfoods. But that’s not the only thing good for you that you’ll find on the Inta Juice menu. We keep our smoothie bar stocked with the most excellent, healthy foods around. For instance: Green Tea - Green tea rocks! It’s been known for its health benefits for many years, not the least of which is tha…Read More

  9. What’s Up With Power Up Smoothies On The Inta Juice Menu?

    One thing we’re very proud of at Inta Juice is the incredible variety of flavor combinations we offer here at our smoothie bar. While our Island Paradise smoothies speak for themselves, you might wonder how the Power Up Smoothies got their name. Power Up smoothies contain some of the most super superfoods on the planet. Here’s we’ve got the fruits that contain the most antioxidants of just a…Read More