1. 3 Reasons Our Smoothie Bar and Colorado Go So Well Together

    As we expand Inta Juice, there’s no doubt that we’d like to spread across the country (we’re dreaming big!). We love Colorado, and apparently, a lot of other people do too, considering the rising property values! So why is it that our juice bar and Colorado go hand in hand? Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons. Coloradans Are Active Coloradans are certainly an active bunch, and we’r…Read More

  2. The 4th of July Is Coming Up. Here’s Where To Take Your Smoothie In Greeley

    The 4th of July is coming up soon, which means lots of fun stuff to do in and around Greeley once you pick up your smoothie from our juice shop. Let’s take a look at what you can do in Greeley on that day that honors the birth of our country. 2017 Greeley Stampede Independence Day Parade Once you pick up your smoothie, why not head to the parade? For years the Greeley Stampede has held a parade …Read More

  3. Responding To Some Recent Google Reviews About our Juice Bar

    We’ve been writing blogs for quite a while now, but we figured it was time to let our customers do some of the writing for us! After all, you don’t necessarily have to believe us when we say we’re the best juice bar in Greeley...our customers can handle that! Let’s take a look at some of their points, questions, concerns, and praise and take a few minutes responding to them. “The people …Read More

  4. 4 Reasons To Meet Your Mom At Inta Juice for Mother’s Day

    Contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day isn’t the most popular day of the year to send flowers. It’s Mother’s Day. So, just as a reminder, Mother’s Day is coming up next month. Open up your calendar app, then scroll ahead to May 14. Then backtrack about a week and type in “order flowers for Mom,” because ordering them the day-of is going to cost you a lot more! There, we just sav…Read More

  5. Happy New Year! Start The Year Off Right With Some Healthier Drinks!

    On behalf on Inta Juice Greeley, we’d like to wish you a very happy new year. We had a great time being Greeley’s juice bar in 2016 and look forward to serving you all in 2017. We’ll have all of our regular smoothie shop favorites waiting for you when you stop by, and there will certainly be surprises that show up as well! So, it’s a new year, and you know what that means. It means that pe…Read More

  6. Winter Is Here! Will You Still Be Coming Into Our Smoothie Restaurant?

    It’s probably no surprise to you that we do more business during summer than in winter. After all, people tend to go for cold sweet treats like those you’ll find on our smoothie menu during the hot summer months when they want to cool down. But that’s no reason to stop stopping by. Here are some things to remember. Our Smoothies Aren’t Frozen Winter tends to be the time for desserts that a…Read More

  7. Is There Anything On Our Inta Juice Menu That Isn’t Healthy?

    You know, we talk about how healthy Inta Juice is when you’re looking for a summertime snack or a healthy breakfast to start your day. And it’s true: with fresh greens (whether they’re green kale or green apples) and oranges (whether it’s carrots or...well, oranges), as well as every other color of the rainbow, the Inta Juice menu is incredibly healthy. So, is there anything unhealthy on t…Read More

  8. Tea Party Smoothies. Don’t Judge Them By Their Name!

    So in the last seven years the words “Tea Party” have taken on a political connotation in our country. But we’re certainly not going to alienate any of our customers by naming our smoothies after a political movement...we just want to celebrate tea! We have three different drinks in our Tea Party Smoothie Line. Let’s take a look at them. Green Tea Smoothie Here’s the most traditional gre…Read More

  9. Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s The Best Reason To Avoid The Chocolates

    Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope that you have someone special to spend it with, and if you are going out for Valentine’s Day it’s likely that you’ve thought about doing some of the traditional “Valentine’s Day stuff.” Here at our Inta Juice Greeley smoothie bar, we’ve got a few other ideas. Have Inta Juice Instead of Dessert: A Valentine’s Day date usually involves going out to ea…Read More

  10. Happy New Year! Now Get In To Our Juice Bar and Drink Something Healthy!

      As you might guess, summer is a pretty busy time for Inta Juice here in Greeley. The days are hot and long, and people are looking for a healthy way to cool off. Here’s a little secret that you might not know about smoothie bars: New Years is huge! Now, is it people who are stopping by to ring in the new year with a juice smoothie? Are most people hanging out at their local juice bar when…Read More